Australian crassula

Crassula sieberiana

A small, succulent, usually annual herb with red cored stems and compact clusters of white to red flowers.
Cotyledons: Two. Round to oval, about 1.5 mm long and fleshy. Tip rounded to slightly pointed. Surface pimply and hairless.
First leaves: Narrowly oval, fleshy, pimply with rounded tips. Hairless.
Leaves: Opposite.
Petiole - None
Blade - Bright green when young to red/brown usually as it matures, oval to lance shaped, fleshy, pimply, 1.5-6 mm long by 1-4 mm wide, almost flat on one side and convex on the other, slightly and abruptly constricted near the base. Stem clasping and densely packed around the stem. Tip sub acute to obtuse.
Stems: Erect, sparsely branched, 15-150 mm tall, round, translucent with red centre to wiry and woody. Hairless. Forms a mat on the ground.