Bifora testiculata

It is an erect, annual herb which grows to a height of 40 cm and has a strong foetid smell when crushed. Its greenish stems are hairless and ribbed lengthwise. The stems bear alternately arranged leaves that have a somewhat ferny or carrot-like appearance. The leaves of younger plants are slightly hairy and deeply lobed. As plants mature, the leaves become more divided, like those of a carrot, with narrow pointed segments. The flowers are in small compound umbels (umbrella shaped groups) of two to five. There are five pinkish stamens. Each flower has five small white petals and two curved styles which sit on top of a small green two-lobed ovary. The fruit is two-lobed, wrinkled, about 2.5-3.5 mm long, 4.5-7 mm wide, indented at the base and has a short beak at the apex