Bindy eye

Soliva sessilis

The stems are green and softly hairy (i.e. pilose). The leaves are borne on stalks (i.e. petioles) up to 2 cm long and have deeply divided (i.e. bipinnatisect) leaf blades. These relatively small leaf blades (1-2 cm long and 6-10 mm wide) are covered in soft hairs (i.e. pilose). The first leaves are arranged in a rosette, while leaves are also alternately arranged along the stems.

The flower-heads (i.e. capitula) are roughly hemispherical in shape, and 3-5 mm across when the 'seeds' are mature. The flowering season is mainly during autumn and winter. The flattened 'seeds' (i..e. achenes or cypselae) are about 3 mm long with a two-lobed wing along either side and two spines at one end, one of which is especially sharp. The fruit usually mature in spring and summer.