Bogan flea

Calotis hispidula

Annual prostrate or ascending herb to 10 cm high; hirsute.

Basal leaves absent; cauline leaves sessile, cuneate to oblanceolate, 0.5–2 cm long, 1–7 mm wide, margins entire or toothed at apex, lamina hispid to hirsute.

Heads 4–10 mm diam., in dense leafy cymes; involucral bracts, lanceolate to spathulate, acute, hispid; receptacle conical, with scales. Ray florets yellow; ligule c. 1 mm long.

Achenes 1–2.5 mm long, pubescent, with narrow marginal ridges; pappus of 5 or 6 awns, barbed towards apex, hairy at the base and with 5 or 6 hairy deeply divided finger-like scales.