Bordered panic

Entolasia marginata

Perennial. Rhizomes short. Butt sheaths pilose. Culms geniculately ascending, or decumbent, or rambling; 20–60(–200) cm long; wiry; 4–10 -noded; without nodal roots, or rooting from lower nodes. Culm-internodes scaberulous; distally glabrous, or hirsute; with tubercle-based hairs. Culm-nodes glabrous, or pubescent. Ligule a fringe of hairs. Leaf-blades linear, or lanceolate; flat; 3–20 cm long; 2–15 mm wide. Leaf-blade midrib evident. Leaf-blade surface scabrous; glabrous, or hirsute; sparsely hairy; with tubercle-based hairs. Leaf-blade margins cartilaginous; ciliate; hairy at base. Leaf-blade apex attenuate; simple.

Racemes 3–10; borne along a central axis; erect; unilateral; 1–12 cm long; bearing 2–12 fertile spikelets on each (secondary); simple, or secondarily branched. Central inflorescence axis 4–20 cm long. Rhachis angular; scaberulous on margins. Spikelet packing adaxial; regular; 2 -rowed.