Calomba daisy

Oncosiphon suffruticosum

Alternate, stalkless, grey-green, strongly aromatic. Does not form a rosette.
Petiole - none.
Blade - Grey green and aromatic. Egg shaped to oval in outline, 20-40 mm long by 10-20 mm wide, 2 or 3 times deeply lobed (i.e. the lobes have lobes also). Lobes parallel sided, less than 1 mm wide, with pointed tips. Hairy with glandular and non glandular hairs.


Stems: Almost woody, stout, erect or spreading, 300-600 mm high, often branched below the flower head. Scattered hairs.

Flower head: Many, bright yellow button discs, 4-5 mm diameter, in dense, flat topped corymbs at the ends of stems. 2-3 rows of green, keeled, 2 mm long bracts underneath.

All bisexual, yellow.
Florets - Yellow, 3 mm long, tubular, 4 lobed.
Ovary - Conical, elongated, naked receptacle.