Chinese burr

Triumfetta rhomboidea

Shrub or subshrub.

Leaves dimorphic; lamina of stem leaves ± ovate, mostly 5–10 cm long, 3–6 cm wide, margins toothed or lobed; upper surface green, lower surface whitish; usually 3-veined from near base, petiole 1–6 cm long; leaves subtending panicles decreasing in size and becoming ± sessile, lamina lanceolate to elliptic, 1–4 cm long and to 2 cm wide, toothed, densely hairy, not distinctly 3-veined from base, ± sessile.

Cymes on peduncles c. 4 mm long. Sepals c. 6 mm long, hairy. Petals c. 6 mm long, yellow.