Dwarf crumbweed

Chenopodium pumilo

Leaves - Alternate, petiolate, mostly pinnately lobed, fragrant. Petioles to 5mm long, pubescent and glandular as the stem but more so. Blades lanceolate, +/-1.3cm long, +/-9mm broad, cuneate at the base, pubescent adaxial, densely white glandular and pubescent abaxial.

Flowers - Apetalous. Stamens 1-5 per flower. Anthers bilobed, pale yellow to white, .3mm broad. Ovary minute, green, glabrous, .2mm in diameter. Stigmas 2. Calyx accrescent, green, sepals 5, distinct, oblong linear, cupped, -1mm long, acute, glandular pubescent, mostly covering the seeds in fruit. Seeds rotund, .5mm in diameter, purplish, smooth.

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