Giant rat's tail grass

Sporobolus natalensis

Erect tufted perennials to c. 1.5 m tall.

Ligule a fringed membrane to 0.4 mm long; blade 2–4 mm wide, glabrous.

Inflorescence 20–30 cm long, pyramidal, open; primary branches solitary, divergent, as long or longer than the adjaceant internode, spikelets loosely and evenly spaced along the whole branch; pedicels 0.7–1.5 mm long. Glumes membranous; lower 0.5–0.8 mm long, obtuse, nerveless; upper glume 0.8–1.3 mm long, at least 50% spikelet length, acute, 1-nerved, glabrous. Lemma 1.6–2.3 mm long, acute, 1-nerved; palea 1.5–2.2 mm long, subequal to the lemma, 2-nerved, obtuse, entire.