Great brome

Bromus diandrus


Leaves rolled in the shoot.
Blade - 80-400 mm long, 5-20 mm wide. Parallel veins. Hairy. Rough. Flat or loosely folded.
Ligule - Membranous, more than 2mm long.
Auricles - None.
Collar - Prominent and a lighter colour.
Sheath - Tubular. Hairy. Often red to purple striped, especially near the base.
67 has stomatal patterns for leaves.

Stems: 100-800 mm tall. Hairy. Erect, round and hollow with solid nodes. Droop with weight of the seed.

Flower head: Panicle. 80-250 mm long. Erect when young but opens out and hangs to one side as it matures.


Spikelets - 60-100 mm long including the awn. 4-10 flowered. Seed spikelets on long slender stalks that nod to one side of the stem. Initially purplish fading to pale yellow. Persistent.
Florets - Overlapping. Rigid. Rough. Prominent nerves. Awned.
Glumes - Hairless. Outer ones awnless. Inner outer glume 15-25 mm long, upper one 20-30 mm.
Lemma - 20-30 mm long without the awn. Lanceolate. Rough to touch. 7 prominent veins.
Awn - 35-60 mm long. Rough to touch.

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