Green crumbweed

Chenopodium carinatum

Leaves in outline ovate to elliptic, rarely narrow-elliptic, small, mostly 0.3-3; 0.25-2 cm., sometimes as wide as long, with 2-4 (6) usually coarse sometimes obscure entire or denticulate teeth or lobes on each margin, rarely entire or almost so; glands between veins on inferior side of leaves sessile to subsessile, not accompanied by hairs unless on veins.

Flowers greenish, minute, c. 0.4-0.75 mm. in diam., sessile or subsessile in small dense rounded axillary clusters at most of the nodes. Perianth segments normally 5, pubescent and glandular, each with a conspicuous wing-like hairy keel broadening upwards. Stamen 1.