Kalinga weed

Kyllinga brevifolia

Green kyllinga is a perennial plant that grows best in moist or wet areas that receive full sun, but it can survive some shade and drying once established. Green kyllinga grows well in warm weather from April through October. It is dormant in winter but remains green in warm climates where freezing doesn't occur. It can yellow in the winter but doesn't turn brown when it goes dormant. When left unmowed, green kyllinga can reach a height of about 15 inches but will adapt and grow in a prostrate manner if mowed. The plant produces a network of numerous underground stems (rhizomes) and can root and send out new leaves at each stem node. If green kyllinga rhizomes are removed and chopped into pieces, new plants can be produced from each node or stem section. Rhizomes in soil will begin to produce long, narrow leaves that are 1 to more than 5 inches long as temperatures rise in the spring.

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