Leptospermum scoparium

Shrub c. 2 m high, bark close and firm, younger stems silky, glabrescent.

Leaves variable, broad-lanceolate, 7–15 mm long, 2–6 mm wide, margins incurved, new growth silvery pubescent; apex often acuminate, point pungent; base usually tapering to a short often stout petiole sometimes ± absent.

Flowers solitary, usually 8–12 mm diam., white, rarely pink or red. Hypanthium 2–3 mm long, usually glabrous. Sepals c. 2 mm long, glabrous. Petals 4–7 mm long. Stamens 2.5–3.5 mm long. Ovary 5-locular.

Fruit 6–9 mm diam.; valves exerted first as a dome and later spreading.

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