Mayne's pest

Glandularia aristigera

Herb 0.1–0.6(-1) m high; stem and branches procumbent or decumbent, or erect, quadrangular, moderately hairy.

Leaves shortly petiolate or sessile, triangular in outline, shortly hairy, becoming glabrescent with age; lower leaves variously acutely serrate, 1- or 2-pinnatifid, mostly 3-pinnatifid, (1-) 2–7 cm long, 0.5–3 cm wide; ultimate segments uniformly linear to subulate; upper leaves incised to subentire, smaller than lower leaves, usually ± narrowly ovate; base ± acute; margin recirved; apex acute.

Inflorescence a lax terminal panicle with long branches ending in a spike; spikes usually solitary or several forming a corymb, pedunculate; with peduncle, bracts and calyx strongly glandular; bracts shorter than calyx. Calyx 5-toothed, 6–9 mm long, strigose-canescent. Corolla white to violet or purple, c. 1.5 times as long as calyx, tube 11–14 mm long.

Mericarps 3–3.5 mm long.