Onion weed

Nothoscordum inodorum

Erect herb, 45–105 cm high; bulb 15–20 mm diam.; bulblets numerous.

Leaves 2–10, 19–23 cm long, 2–9 mm wide, with 17–20 longitudinal veins, sheathing for less than a tenth of scape.

Umbel loose, few-many-flowered; scape 40–100 cm long; pedicels 21–45 mm long; spathe distinctly 2-lobed, overlapping at base, with pale red/brown markings, persistent, less than half as long as pedicel. Flowers fragrant. Perianth narrow-conical; tepals 8–12 mm long, acute, white with pale green to brown markings along midvein. Stamens included; filaments 7–8 mm long.

Capsule 7–8 mm long.