Picris echioides

Bristly oxtongue is an erect winter, or sometimes summer, annual or biennial to nearly 3 ft tall. It has milky sap, stiff - bristly foliage, and yellow dandelion - like flowerheads. Young plants  overwinter as rosettes before bolting in late spring. The leaves are alter nate and covered with stiff, coarse, papilla - based hairs that are minutely branched at the tips. The flowerheads are both terminal and axillary, mostly 1 to 2 inches wide, and consist only of yellow ligulate flowers. The achenes have a white bristly to plumose pappus on a stalk. Plants reproduce only by seed. Seeds probably disperse short distances with wind. Some seeds disperse greater distances by clinging to tools, vehicle tires, and landscaping and agricultural machinery. No studies have determined the seed longevity in the soil, but seeds would be expected to persist for a couple of years.

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