Paddy's Lucerne

Sida rhombifolia

Erect subshrub to c. 1 m high, stems finely stellate-pubescent, mostly becoming ± glabrous.

Leaves lanceolate to linear-oblong, sometimes ± rhombic, 1.5–8 cm long, ± entire towards base, crenate-toothed towards apex, upper surface finely stellate-pubescent, lower surface usually densely so.

Flowers solitary on slender peduncles 10–30 mm long, sometimes 3 or 4 at the ends of the branches. Calyx basally 10-ribbed, lobes acuminate. Corolla 7–8 mm long, yellow to pale orange.

Fruit 5–6 mm diam.; mericarps 9–12, glabrous, transversely wrinkled and 2-ribbed on the back, 2-awned. Weed in gardens, roadsides and waste places.

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