Mentha pulegium

Herb to 40 cm high, usually stoloniferous and rooting at nodes; branches ascending to decumbent, ± densely covered with simple hairs; hairs recurved on basal parts and spreading on inflorescence.

Leaves with lamina obovate, elliptic to ± circular, 0.6–3 cm long, 4–20 mm wide; apex obtuse or rounded; margins entire or with small blunt teeth; petiole 1–6 mm long.

Flowers in dense many-flowered clusters in axil of a pair of leaves. Calyx 10-veined, fused to at least two-third its length; lower lobes more pointed than upper lobes, densely covered with spreading hairs. Corolla 4–6 mm long, usually pale-mauve to lilac. Anthers exserted.