Rope twitch

Elytrigia repens

Rope twitch is an erect, perennial (long lived) grass with numerous rhizomes (underground-stems). In pastures and mown areas rope twitch sometimes assumes a prostrate (ground hugging) habit and may not produce flowering stems.
Rope twitch produces an extensive root system with many rhizomes. The rhizomes are white in colour and may be several metres long. Shoots and roots develop from nodes along the rhizome.
The leaves are medium to light green in colour and are finely pointed at the tips. In cross section the leaf forms a flat "V".
The flowers consist of spikelets arranged alternately in two rows, one on each side of the stem.
For further help in identifying rope twitch, search the Dennis Morris Weeds and Endemic Flora database for rope twitch illustrations. If you are still in doubt about the weed you are dealing with, contact your Regional Weed Management Officer on 1300 368 550 for help.

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