Sand brome

Bromus arenarius

Erect or ascending annual to 0.8 m high; culms glabrous or almost so.

Leaves with sheath villous; ligule truncate, to 3 mm long; blade to 4 mm wide, densely pubescent or villous.

Panicle pyramidal, loose, drooping, 4–15 cm long, branches curved. Spikelets oblong-lanceolate, laterally compressed, 5–14-flowered, 20–46 mm long including awns. Glumes narrow-acute to aristate, lower usually 3-nerved, 7–9.5 mm long; upper 5–7-nerved, 7–14 mm long. Lemmas lanceolate, 7-nerved, 10–15 mm long; awn subapical, rigid, usually curved, 10–20 mm long. Palea 60–80% the length of the lemma.