Sensitive weed

Mimosa pudica

It's a low-growing, long-lived, plant with prickly stems and twice-compound leaves that are borne on long stalks.

It's leaves consist of one or two pairs of branchlets, each branchlet having 10-25 pairs of small leaflets (6-15 mm long and 1-3 mm wide).

The leaves are very sensitive and fold up when touched (hence the name 'sensitive plant').

It's pink or purplish flowers are arranged in small, fluffy, globular or egg-shaped clusters (9-15 mm across).

It's relatively small seed pods (10-25 mm long and 3-6 mm wide) have stiff, almost prickly, bristles along their margins and break apart into one-seeded segments when mature.
A prickly, long-lived (i.e. perennial), herbaceous plant or small shrub with a creeping (i.e. prostrate or decumbent) or sprawling habit. It usually only grows 15-50 cm tall, but can reach up to 1 m or more in height when supported by other vegetation.