Soft rush

Juncus effusus

Strongly rhizomatous perennial.

Culms terete, 30–100 cm long, 1.4–4.3 mm diam., soft, mid-green; culm striations 35–65; pith continuous.

Cataphylls 7–13 cm long, tight, abaxially orange-brown to dark red-brown, adaxially golden brown to coppery. Inflorescence pseudolateral, diffuse, 2–7 cm long; flowers numerous, solitary or loosely clustered; lowest involucral bract 10–37 cm long, much longer than inflorescence. Tepals straw-brown, with narrow to broad hyaline margins; outer tepals 1.8–2.5 mm long, longer than or equalling inner tepals. Stamens 3(-6), shorter than outer tepals; anthers 0.3–0.5 mm long.

Capsule shorter than or equalling or rarely longer than outer tepals, ellipsoid, obtuse to retuse, not apiculate, golden brown to dark golden brown.

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