Tridax daisy

Tridax procumbens

Spreading perennial herb; rooting at nodes; stems striate, hairy.

Leaves lanceolate to ovate, 3–4 cm long, 10–20 mm wide, bright green above, grey-green below, toothed or shallowly lobed.

Peduncles at first short but lengthening when in full flower, up to 30 cm long; heads solitary, axillary and terminal, 10–15 mm diam.; outer involucral bracts each subtending a ray floret, herbaceous, bristly; inner bracts membranous or hyaline, often purple, hairy near apices, subtending outer disc florets. Ray florets 5 or 6, yellow, rarely white, 4–5 mm long; ligules pale yellow, 3-lobed at apex; hairy. Disc florets darker yellow, hairy.

Achenes c. 2 mm long, tapering to the base, covered with long hairs; pappus plumose, c. 6 mm long.