White fumitory

Fumaria capreolata

A hairless, climbing, weak stemmed annual vine with much divided leaves and small white flowers with blackish-red tipped petals in winter and spring. 

Blade - Bright green, 2-3 times divided almost to the midrib into egg shaped to triangular segments, 5-15 mm long, usually 3 lobed. Hairless.

Stems: Robust, climbing, trailing, angular, up to 1000 mm long. Hairless.

Flower head: Raceme of up to 20 flowers that is shorter than the flower head stalk which is 150-500 mm long.

Somewhat tubular and narrow, 10 mm long by 2 mm wide. On stalks 4-5 mm long that bend down as the fruit matures.
Bracts - underneath flower are, narrowly egg shaped, 4-5 mm long, white with a darker mid-vein and narrowly egg shaped. They bend downwards as the fruit matures.
Ovary - Thread like style with 2 stigmas.
Sepals - 2, scale-like, flat, egg shaped, 4-6.5 long by 2-3 mm wide, usually with toothed edges.
Petals - 2 pairs, 9-12 mm long, . Usually white, rarely pinkish. Wings of upper petal and tip of inner petal blackish red to purple. Lower petal very narrow. Upper petal spurred or pouched. Hairless. Petals close together at their tips.
Stamens - 6. Opposite outer petals. Joined by their filaments into 2 bundles.
Anthers - 2 sets of 3. The middle one has 2 cells the outer ones have 1 cell.