Wild caraway

Carum carvi

Wild caraway (Carum carvi) is a biennial or sometimes perennial forb. It produces a low growing rosette in the first year, then the flowering stalk bolts the second year of growth, it can sometimes bolt a third year. Wild caraway is a prolific seed producer; under ideal conditions each plant can produce several thousand seeds. Stem leaves are finely divided, and resemble those of carrots in shape but tend to droop more. Shoot leaves are alternate and normally oblong or oval in shape. Flowers are white or pinkish in color, small, and occur in terminal or lateral loose clusters at the top of stems. Each flower produces two seeds that are narrow, oblong, brown, and have five distinct tan, linear, ribs. Mature plants are 1 to 3 feet tall and have one or more shoots emerging from a single taproot. Shoots are slender, erect, branching, and normally hollow.

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