Wild mignonette

Reseda lutea


Alternate. Forms a rosette.
Petiole - Lower ones often with a petiole(leaf stalk).
Blade - Narrowly oval to oblong, 40-200 mm long, 3-12 mm wide, shiny, pointed tip, edges often wavy. Hairless.
Stem leaves - To 100 mm long, becoming smaller towards the top, smooth, wavy edged or with a few teeth at the base. Usually without a petiole. Sometimes with 1 or 2 glands at the base


Erect, hard, stiff, stout, to 2000 mm tall, lengthwise ribbed. Branched from base and along their length or unbranched. Scattered hairs or hairless.

Flower head

On end of main stem and upper branches in spike like racemes, be up to 1000 mm long. Flowers in closely packed clusters on short stalks less than 1 mm long.


Pale yellow, irregular, bisexual.
Bracts - Oval, toothed, persistent, 2.5-4 mm long, sheathing at the base.
Ovary - Superior. Attached on a fleshy disk. 3 single celled carpels.
Sepals - 4 rarely 5, oval to oblong, obtuse tipped, 2 mm long.
Petals - 3 or 4, yellow-green to cream. Top one is large with 3-7 lobes and is 3-4 mm long with pouch at base. Other 2 or 3 are small and may be forked.
Stamens - 10-32 attached to a fleshy disk. Filament persistent.
Anthers - 0.6mm long.

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