Wild rosemary

Eriocephalus africanus

Small perennial much-branched shrub to 1 m high.

Leaves linear or trifid, obtuse, 5–20 mm long, 1–2 mm wide, alternate or subopposite or tufted, channelled, silky.

Inflorescences terminal, pedicellate or subumbellate usually in groups of seven. Heads c. 5 mm diam., woolly; involucral bracts 2-seriate, outer row of 4 or 5 free bracts, woolly with membranous margins; inner row of bracts fused, with 3 projecting ridges. Ray florets 3 or 4, white; ligule c. 4 mm wide, apex irregularly lobed; style papillose at apex. Disc florets deep purple, c. 3.5 mm long.

Achenes woolly.