Yellow burr weed

Amsinckia species

Stems: Bristly erect stems up to 70cm high.
Leaves: Dark green to grey-green true leaves, with fleshy prominent midribs and rough surfaces. The rosette leaves are oval up to 15cm long by 4cm wide while the leaves of the flowering stems are narrower. Leaves are sessile (stalkless) and arranged alternately on the stem. All leaves are covered with short stiff hairs and feel rough to the touch. It has Y-shaped cotyledons (seed leaves).
Flowers: The small flowers are yellow to orange, and numerous. They are formed on one side of a 10-15cm curved spike at the ends of the branches.
Seeds: Four hard rough angular seeds about 2.5mm long, surrounded by a husk covered with stiff bristles are formed on each flower. The seeds fall to the ground when ripe.