Cercospora spot

Pseudocercospora purpurea

Small, brown flecks develop with a reddish border, expanding to circular spots about 4 mm wide with an ashy-grey centre. This tissue becomes thin and brittle, and often drops out, leaving a ragged hole.
In capsicums small, round water-soaked lesions develop on leaves, petioles and stems. The lesions enlarge and have light brown centres with dark brown-red margins. As lesions expand, an outer water-soaked area and dark ring may form beyond the original lesion margin, so that the lesion centre becomes surrounded by concentric rings. With age, the lesion centres dry out and crack.
In carrots cercospora leaf spot is more severe on the young leaves developing initially as small necrotic flecks that enlarge to form circular, tan or grey spots. Spots may coalesce during humid weather to blight the entire leaf. Sunken, elongated spots may also occur on leafstalks.
A sooty to dark olivaceous mould develops on the lower leaf surface of okra plants. As the disease progresses, leaves roll, wilt and fall from the plant.
In avocado and coffee crops both leaves and fruit develop dark brown lesions.

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