Corvette Liquid

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Note: Corvette Liquid may be unstable in conditions where the pH is 7 or higher. It is therefore essential to check the pH of the spray solution before adding Corvette Liquid. A suitable registered buffering agent (eg. Primabuff Bio-Degradable Adjuvant) may have to be added to bring the pH down below 7.

Good disease control requires even, thorough coverage of the target area. Application should be made using appropriate spray equipment and sufficient water to provide adequate penetration and coverage. Equipment settings and water volume may need to vary, depending on the growth stage of the crop. High pressure, prolonged and vigorous agitation particularly in conjunction with a high concentration of Corvette Liquid in the spray tank may reduce the suspension properties of Corvette Liquid, resulting in a scum forming on the surface or sediment forming on the filters.  If the agitation system cannot be adjusted, or concentration reduced to overcome this problem it is recommended that Corvette Flowable be used, where registered.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds0 l
Boysenberries0 l1
Grapes0 l7
Kiwifruit0 l7
Macadamia nuts0 l
Mandarins0 l
Passionfruit0 l7
Raspberries0 l1
Apricots0 l
Cherries0 l
Nectarines0 l
Peaches0 l
Strawberries2 l1
Celery0 l1
Lettuce2 l7
Potatoes1 - 2 l
Tomatoes2 l7
Canola2 l42
Alfalfa0.5 - 1 l
Peanuts2 l12
Soybeans0 l49