Black scurf

Rhizoctonia solani

The fungus forms dark brown to black hard masses on the surface of the tuber. These are called sclerotia and are resting bodies of the fungus. Sclerotia are superficial and irregularly shaped, ranging from small, flat, barely visible blotches to large, raised lumps. Although these structures adhere tightly to the tuber skin, they do not penetrate or damage the tuber, even in storage. However, they will perpetuate the disease and inhibit the establishment of potato plants if infected tubers are used as seed.

Belly rot is caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn. This fungus can cause fruit rot or damping-off in cucumber. Very small cucumbers show yellowish brown superficial discoloration. Large fruit have a dark brown water soaked decay most often on the side of the fruit in contact with the soil. The fruit may have small cracks in the rotten area. Under humid conditions a dense brown mold covers the rotted area.

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