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Crop Care Australasia - Herbicide

Controls Annual & Perennial Grasses & Burrs in Cotton, Annual & Perennial Grasses in Sugarcane, Grass Weeds in Couch Turf, Prickly Pear & Grasses & Burrs in Non-Crop Areas.

This product contains a high level of surfactant. Additional wetting agent should not be required except as directed for use in Sugarcane. Apply under hot, dry conditions when air temperature is above 250 C for best results. For couch in NSW see Critical Comments. Thorough spray coverage of weed foliage is required for good results. Spray is absorbed mainly through plant foliage and spray solution reaching the soil is inactivated. Treated weeds yellow and brown 3 - 10 days after treatment.

The product mixes readily with water. Add to half full tank with agitation, and then finish filling tank.

Tank mixes with other herbicides including 2,2,-DPA, diuron, hexazinone, bromacil, fluometuron, sodium TCA, and amines and esters of 2,4-D can be made for specific weeds and/or residual control.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Cotton0 - 01 - 2.8-
Pears0 - 00 - 0-
Sugarcane0 - 03 - 6-