Drover Guard 500 SC

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Note: Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide may be unstable in conditions where the pH is 7 or higher. It is therefore essential to check the pH of the spray solution before adding Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide. A suitable registered buffering agent may have to be added to bring pH down below 7. Add half the required water volume to the spray tank or vat with the agitation mechanism operating. Add the required volume of this product and then add additional water to the volume required.

Good disease control requires even, thorough coverage of the target area. Application should be made using appropriate spray equipment and sufficient water to provide adequate penetration and coverage. Equipment settings and water volume may need to vary, depending on the growth stage of the crop.

Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide is compatible with the following products: Aliette* WG, Bugmaster* Flowable, calcium chloride, chlorpyrifos 500 EC, copper oxychloride, dimethoate, Dithane*, Dithane* M-45, endosulfan, Kelthane* EC, maldison, metalaxyl, methomyl or parathion-methyl.
When tank mixing products the order of mixing is determined by formulation type. As a guide the following mixing sequence is recommended.
1. Wettable powders
2. Suspension concentrates
3. Water Dispersible Granules
4. Suspo-emulsions (eg. Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide)
5. Soluble powders
6. Solutions
7. Emulsifiable concentrates
8. Soluble concentrates
9. Wetting agents and oils
With any mixture, thoroughly agitate immediately before applying. It is not recommended to mix this product with more than one of the above chemicals in the tank. The use of a surfactant or spray oil is not recommended with Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide as it may result in crop damage to sensitive plants.
DO NOT mix with fertilisers.
Note: Mixing Conquest Drover Guard 500 SC Fungicide with Aliette WG may result in some settling out. As fonmulations of other manufacturer's products are beyond the control of CONQUEST CROP PROTECTION Pty Ltd, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds0 l
Boysenberries0 l1
Grapes0 l7
Kiwifruit0 l7
Macadamia nuts0 l
Mandarins0 l
Passionfruit0 l7
Raspberries0 l1
Apricots0 l
Cherries0 l
Nectarines0 l
Peaches0 l
Plums0 l
Strawberries1 l1
Apples0 l
Pears0 l
Celery1 l1
Lettuce1 l7
Potatoes0.5 - 1 l
Tomatoes1 l7
Alfalfa250 - 500 ml7
Peanuts1 l12
Soybeans1 l49