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Esteem used on established Perennial Phalaris and/or established Perennial Cocksfoot may cause temporary yellowing and some stunting. Esteem can severely damage Annual and Perennial Ryegrass. Esteem does not control/damage Silvergrass (Vulpia spp.), Barley Grass (Hordeum spp.), Brome grass (Bromus spp.) or Winter Grass (Poa spp.)
Allow weeds to recover from grazing before application. Docks and Sorrel in particular require fresh leaf growth for adequate uptake of chemical.
Sorrel seedlings may germinate after the break in the following year, particularly after cultivation.
Where treatment is delayed or where weeds are not actively growing due to adverse conditions, results may be sl
Legumes are extremely sensitive to low concentrations of Esteem. ow to appear and weeds may only be stunted or suppressed.
The ungerminated clover seed bank is not affected by Esteem application. Clover vigour is often increased in the year following application where seed banks are reasonable.
The seed set of clover in the year of application of Esteem will be significantly reduced particularly from the Winter-Spring application. This effect may impact on the clover seed bank therefore re-sowing may be necessary. Where clover seed banks are high re-sowing is not necessary.
For pasture topping situations a combination of Esteem plus Glyphosate can be used. Refer to the Directions for Use section of each product for the appropriate rate and critical comments on the target weed spectrum.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Pasture0 - 07 - 160-
Spring barley0 - 05 - 7-
Spring rye0 - 05 - 7-
Spring triticale0 - 05 - 7-
Spring wheat0 - 05 - 7-
Winter barley0 - 05 - 7-
Winter rye0 - 05 - 7-
Winter triticale0 - 05 - 7-
Winter wheat0 - 05 - 7-