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Sipcam - Herbicide

Fluocam 500 Herbicide may be applied in several ways and growers should select the method most useful in their particular management programme.

Settling may occur after storage for some weeks. Stir product or invert container several times before opening. Pour the flowable into the spray vat through a strainer to remove any dry particles or flakes, which can occasionally occur under hot storage conditions. Add the full quantity of the product to the partly filled spray tank while agitating. Fill tank and agitate to ensure thorough mixing. Continue agitation while spraying. Agitate vigorously from the bottom if allowed to stand. Reseal part used container immediately.

Fluocam 500 Herbicide should be applied to bare soil before weeds emerge. In irrigated areas irrigation should precede or immediately follow spraying. The product should be applied in a minimum of 220 litres of water per hectare sprayed.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Cotton0 - 01.3 - 7.249