FMC Flutriafol 250

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Fertiliser Application
Ensure that treated fertiliser is dry before sowing with the crop.
Sowing: Treated fertiliser should be sown in the same furrow as the seed, not broadcast. Note that the flow rate of fertiliser may be changed after treatment, and the seeder should be calibrated with the treated material to ensure that the correct rates of fertiliser and fungicide are delivered.
Do not mix seed with treated fertiliser.
Foliar Application
Check the crop carefully and regularly. Spray only if there is sufficient time in the season for the rust to develop to a level on the variety in question when it will cause significant yield loss.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Canola400 ml
Winter wheat200 - 500 ml49
Spring wheat200 - 500 ml49
Winter barley200 - 500 ml70
Spring barley200 - 500 ml70