Leaf rust

Puccinia recondita

Comparison Puccinia Recondita:
Puccinia Recondita appears in January in Eastern and Northern India.
Infected region of Puccinia Recondita is mainly leaf, rarely leaf sheath and stem.
In Puccinia Recondita, Uredosori are small round to oval, bright orange in colour.
Uredospore in Puccinia Recondita is oval or round, bright orange with 7-10 scat­tered germ pores.
In Puccinia Recondita, teleutosorus develops rarely; if pre­sent, they are confined to the lower surface of the leaf and black in colour. Do not burst.
In Puccinia Recondita, teleutospore is 2-celled, dull black in colour, thick walled with flattened and less thick at the apex.
Alternate hosts of Puccinia Recondita is Thalictrum falvum, Isopyrum fumarioides, Clematis spp., Anchusa spp.
Collateral hosts of Puccinia Recondita are Bromus japonicus, B. catharticus, Horedeum murinum, etc.

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