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General Instructions for Hydrocop WG Fungicide/Bactericide:

Application Timing:

  • Begin applications prior to any sign of disease. Hydrocop WG is a protectant fungicide/bactericide.


  1. Fill the spray vat with good-quality water.
  2. Remove the top strainer from the spray vat.
  3. With the agitation system operating, pour the required quantity of Hydrocop WG into the spray vat in a steady stream.
  4. DO NOT pre-mix Hydrocop WG in water before adding to the spray vat.
  5. If using other pesticides, fully mix Hydrocop WG in the spray tank before adding other products. Always add and mix Hydrocop WG first.
  6. Use the spray within 3 hours of preparation and agitate continuously during this period.

Application to Tree Crops:

Dilute Spraying:

  • Use a sprayer designed for high volumes of water up to the point of run-off.
  • Achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy.
  • Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off. Avoid excessive run-off.
  • Determine the required water volume based on industry guidelines or expert advice.
  • Add the specified amount of product for each 100L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
  • Adjust dilute spray volume and sprayer setup as the crop grows.

Concentrate Spraying:

  • Use a sprayer designed for concentrate spraying.
  • Achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy with the chosen water volume.
  • Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume for the crop canopy to calculate the concentrate mixing rate.
  • Calculate the concentrate rate based on the dilute label rate and concentration factor.
  • Adjust spray volume, product amount, and sprayer setup as the crop grows.

Application to Vegetables:

Dilute Sprays:

  • Use a sprayer fitted with cone nozzles producing a medium to fine spray.
  • Adjust spray volumes as plants grow. Check and adjust sprayer configuration before each application with water and any required wetting agent.
  • Specific suggested volumes per sprayed hectare are provided for various vegetables.

Concentrate Sprays:

  • Apply at lower water volumes than dilute application, with increased Hydrocop WG concentration inversely proportional to the volume reduction.
  • Concentrate spray volumes should not be less than 1/3 of the equivalent dilute volume.
  • Concentrations should not exceed 3 times the dilute concentration.
  • Use a sprayer fitted with cone nozzles producing a fine spray.

Rhubarb Dip:

  • Dispose of the spent dip solution in a disposal pit. Refer to Storage and Disposal for details.

Wetting Agents:

  • Required for certain vegetables and application methods. Add wetting agents at label rates.

Application by Aircraft:

  • Apply in a minimum of 20 liters of water per hectare with hydraulic nozzles or rotary atomizers.
  • Avoid application in calm or very windy conditions or when temperature and humidity cause rapid drying.


  • Compatible with most insecticides/pyrethroids, dormant spraying oils, Manzate, Mancozeb, Ziram, Wettable Sulphur, and Urea.
  • Not recommended to mix with more than one of the above products.
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