Shot hole

Stigmina carpophila

Stigmina carpophila is a fungal plant pathogen causing shot hole disease in stone fruits (Prunusspp.). It is newly named as Wilsonomyces carpophilus.

Spots occur on leaves, fruit, twigs, and flowers; however, flower and twig lesions are relatively scarce or difficult to find. Leaf lesions begin as tiny reddish specks that enlarge by several millimeters into spots having tan centers and purplish margins. When the fungus sporulates, the fruiting structure appears as a small dark speck (the sporodochium and spores) in the center of the spot; this is a diagnostic characteristic of shot hole disease. Spots on young leaves usually fall out, leaving a hole (the shot hole); older leaves retain their lesions. Fruit spots are small with purplish margins, slightly corky, and raised. Spots are found on the upper surface of fruit with respect to the way it hangs on trees. Heavy infection of young fruit may cause fruit drop or distortion and gumming of fruit.

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