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UPL - Herbicide

For the post-emergent control of a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds in grain legume and oilseed crops, lucerne, medic and clover pasture and seed crops, forestry, bananas, citrus, grapes, pineapples, pome and stone fruit, pyrethrum, tropical fruit and nut crops as specified in the Directions for Use

DO NOT apply to weeds which may be stressed (not actively growing) due to prolonged periods of extreme cold, moisture stress (waterlogged or drought affected), poor nutrition or previous herbicide treatment as reduced levels of control may result.
DO NOT spray if rain is likely to occur within one hour.

- Add water to the spray tank to10 cm above the level of agitation and ensure the agitation device is working vigorously (There must be a minimum of 100 L of water in the tank before any pesticide is added).
- If tank mixing, firstly add any soluble liquid formulations (e.g. Lontrel Herbicide) and allow agitation for approximately 1 minute
- Then add Jasper 520 Herbicide at the pot where the agitation is the strongest (do not add Jasper 520 Herbicide through a strainer or sieve). Allow further agitation for 1 minute.
- Half fill spray tank.
- If using wettable powder or water dispersible granules, or other emulsifiable concentration formulations (e.g. Lorsban 750 WG or Le-Mat), these should be added after the Jasper 520 Herbicide to the half full spray tank to ensure vigorous agitation.
- Finally add Uptake Spraying Oil or approved alternate spraying oil/wetter (see section on spraying oils/wetters) and continue filling the tank to the required volume maintaining agitation at all times
- Only mix sufficient solution for immediate use. Jasper 520 Herbicide and any other tank mixes should be applied immediately for best results.

Spraying Oils/Wetters
- Spraying Oils: It is essential to add an adjuvant to Jasper 520 Herbicide. Best results will be achieved with Uptake Spraying Oil at 0.5 L/100 L of spray solution. Alternatively, other oils plus non-ionic wetter may be used. When other crop spraying oils are used, mix at 1.0 L/100 L and add a non-ionic wetter (surfactant) at 200 mL/100 L of spray solution. Use of an oil is not always recommended. See Critical Comments for specific situation recommendations.
- Non-Ionic Wetters: When Uptake or other oils are not used, a 100% concentrate non-ionic wetting agent such as BS-1000 at 200 mL/100 L must be used along with the higher rate of Jasper 520 Herbicide as specified in the Directions for Use. Where water volumes of less 50 L/ha are used, DO NOT use less than 250 mL/ha of Uptake or 500 mL/ha for oils other than Uptake or less than 100 mL of wetter.

When tank mixing Jasper 520 Herbicide with Lontrel herbicides (canola only) or Broadstrike (lucerne, clover and medics), use Uptake Spraying Oil with lower rates of Jasper 520 Herbicide or a wetting agent with the higher rates of Jasper 520 Herbicide unless otherwise specified. When mixing Jasper 520 Herbicide with other broadleaf herbicides on these crops, DO NOT use an oil use a wetter instead.

The oil recommended is Uptake Spraying Oil. Hasten is also recommended for use with tank-mixtures of Jasper 520 Herbicide and Select Herbicide.
For canola, Jasper 520 Herbicide + Lontrel 750SG + Uptake Spraying Oil are compatible and selective to canola. This tank-mixture is also compatible with atrazine or simazine and selective to triazine tolerant canola.

When mixing with Blazer or Basagran DO NOT add spraying oil to these mixtures. DO NOT use these tank-mixtures on cowpea.

Insecticides: dimethoate, endosulfan, Lorsban 500EC Insecticide, Lorsban 750WG Insecticide, omethoate
Herbicides: atrazine, Basagran, Blazer, Broadstrike Herbicide, Lontrel Herbicide, Lontrel
750SG, MCPA Ester (LVE) – (Do not exceed 700 mL/ha of MCPA LVE), oryzalin, Select Herbicide, simazine, Starane 200 Herbicide
Fungicides: Dithane DF, Dithane Rainshield Fungicide
Trace elements: magnesium sulphate, zinc sulphate
Jasper 520 Herbicide is not compatible with 2,4-D or MPA as sodium or amine salts.

Aerial Use
No product other than a recommended crop oil or wetter should be mixed with Jasper 520 Herbicide when applied by air except for the addition of Lontrel Forestry Herbicide for use in forestry and Lontrel 750SG for use in canola only.

Apply Jasper 520 Herbicide in sufficient water to obtain good coverage. It should be applied by an accurately calibrated ground rig or aircraft delivering droplets with a VMD of 200-300 microns.
The following spray volumes are recommended;
Ground Application: 50-150 L/ha
Aerial application: 30 L/ha minimum
Use higher water volumes in orchards and in dense crops where the weeds may be shielded by the crop canopy.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Alfalfa, Lucerne0 - 037.5 - 800-
Apple trees0 - 0200 - 800-
Avocado0 - 0200 - 800-
Bananas0 - 0200 - 800-
Beans0 - 037.5 - 100-
Blueberries0 - 0200 - 800-
Canola0 - 037.5 - 100-
Chickpeas0 - 037.5 - 100-
Citrus0 - 0200 - 800-
Clover0 - 037.5 - 8007
Corn, maize0 - 037.5 - 100-
Cotton0 - 0100 - 150-
Cowpeas0 - 0100 - 150-
Feijoa0 - 0200 - 800-
Guavas0 - 0200 - 800-
Kiwifruit0 - 0200 - 800-
Lentils0 - 037.5 - 100-
Longan0 - 0200 - 800-
Lupins0 - 037.5 - 100-
Lychee0 - 0200 - 800-
Mangoes0 - 0200 - 800-
Mung beans0 - 0100 - 150-
Navy beans0 - 0100 - 150-
Nuts0 - 0200 - 800-
Passionfruit0 - 0200 - 800-
Pasture0 - 037.5 - 100-
Pawpaw0 - 0200 - 800-
Peanuts, groundnuts0 - 0100 - 150-
Pears0 - 0200 - 800-
Peas0 - 037.5 - 100-
Persimmons0 - 0200 - 800-
Pineapples0 - 0200 - 800-
Rambutan0 - 0200 - 800-
Soybeans0 - 0100 - 150-
Sunflowers0 - 0100 - 150-
Vetch0 - 037.5 - 100-
Vines0 - 0200 - 800-
Winter linseed, flax0 - 037.5 - 100-