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A Fungicide for the control of certain fungus diseases of fruit, field crops, tobacco, turf, vegetables and ornamental


This product is a protectant fungicide for the certain diseases of many crops. For best results, apply as a regular spray programme. Thorough coverage of the treated crop is essential.


Dilute spraying:

• Use a sprayer designed to apply high volumes of water up to the point of run-off.
• Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy. Apply suffi cient water to cover the crop to point of run-off. Avoid excessive run-off.
• The required water volume may be determined by applying different test volumes, using different settings on the sprayer, from industry guidelines or expert advice.
• Add the required amount of product specifi ed in the Directions for Use for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
• The required dilute spray volume will change as sprayer set up and operation may also need to be changed, as the crop grows.

Concentrate spraying:

• Use a sprayer designed and set up for concentrate spraying (that is a sprayer which applies water volumes less than those required to reach the point of runoff) and matched to the crop being sprayed. E.g. Low volume air blast
• Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy using your chosen water volume.
• Determine the appropriate dilute spray (see dilute spraying above) for crop canopy. This is needed to calculate the concentrate mixing rate.
• The mixing rate for concentrate spraying can then be calculated in the following way: EXAMPLE ONLY: i) Dilute spray volume as determined above: For example 1500 L/ha ii) Your chosen concentrate spray volume: For example 500 L/ha iii) The concentration factor in this example is: 3 x (i.e. 1500 L / 500 L = 3) iv) If the dilute label rate is 10 mL/ 100 L, then the concentrate rate becomes 3 x 10, that is 30 mL/100 L of concentrate spray.
• The chosen spray volume, amount of product per 100 L of water, and the sprayer set up and operation may need to be changed as the crop grows.
• For further information on concentrate spraying, users are advised to consult the relevant industry guidelines, undertake appropriate competency training and follow industry Best Practices. For fruit trees and some row crops apply as a high volume dilute spray. The spray volume will vary according to the type of crop to be treated and should be increased in heavy growth and on large plants to ensure thorough coverage. The spray volume should also be increased as the size of treated crops increases throughout the growing season. As a guide for mature crops (Dilute volumes only). Otherwise the application rate should be determined using the dilute spraying instructions above.

Registered for culturesRate
Bananas2.2 - 4.5 kg
Carrots1.7 - 2.2 kg
Celery1.7 - 2.2 kg
Cucumbers1.7 - 2.2 kg
Pumpkins1.7 - 2.2 kg
Cantaloupe1.7 - 2.2 kg
Melons1.7 - 2.2 kg
Zucchini1.7 - 2.2 kg
Squash1.7 - 2.2 kg
Pumpkins1.7 - 2.2 kg
Lettuce1.7 - 2.2 kg