Rotam Escudo 250 SC

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1. Warning:

  • ALBAUGH ESCUDO 250 SC is extremely phytotoxic to certain apple varieties.
  • AVOID SPRAY DRIFT to prevent injury to apple trees.
  • DO NOT spray where drift may reach apple trees or under conditions favoring drift.
  • Use extreme care with thermal inversions, excessive wind speed, certain nozzle/pressure combinations, and small droplet sizes.
  • DO NOT use equipment previously used for ALBAUGH ESCUDO 250 SC on apple trees due to potential phytotoxicity.

2. Application:

  • DO NOT exceed concentration factors of 4X when applying through low volume equipment, except for aerial application.
  • Ensure adequate coverage for disease control.

3. Tree Crops and Vines:

  • Dilute Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for high water volumes up to run-off, matching the crop.
    • Achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy.
    • Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to run-off, avoiding excessive run-off.
    • Determine water volume from industry guidelines, expert advice, or test volumes.
    • Add the specified product amount for each 100 L of water and spray to run-off.
    • Adjust settings and operations as the crop grows.
  • Concentrate Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for concentrate spraying, matching the crop.
    • Achieve even coverage using your chosen water volume.
    • Determine a dilute spray volume for the crop canopy.
    • Calculate the concentrate mixing rate:
      1. Dilute spray volume (e.g., 1000 L/ha)
      2. Chosen concentrate spray volume (e.g., 500 L/ha)
      3. Concentration factor (e.g., 2)
      4. If dilute label rate is 80 mL/100 L, then the concentrate rate becomes 2 x 80 (160 mL/100 L).
    • Adjust settings and operations as the crop grows.

4. Mixing:

  • Half-fill the spray tank with clean water and start agitation.
  • Shake the closed ALBAUGH ESCUDO 250 SC container.
  • While filling the tank, add the required amount of ALBAUGH ESCUDO 250 SC, adding tank mix products last.
  • Maintain agitation until spraying is complete.
  • DO NOT leave the spray mix in the sprayer overnight.
Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Avocados0 l7
Grapes0 l14
Mangoes0 l3
Passionfruit0 l1
Poppies750 ml42
Potatoes300 - 600 ml
Tomatoes400 - 600 l1