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For the control of wide range of insect pests on fruits and vegetable crops, pastures, cotton, lucerne, oil seed crops, peanuts and ornamentals.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Sapodilla0 l7
Wax jambu0 l7
Adzuki beans800 ml14
Cowpea800 ml14
Mung beans500 - 800 ml14
Navy beans500 - 800 ml14
Pigeon peas800 ml14
Avocados0 l7
Gooseberries0 l
Lychee0 l14
Persimmons0 l
Bananas0 l7
Beans350 - 650 ml7
Peas350 - 650 ml7
Red beet800 ml14
Celery800 ml21
Blueberries0 l1
Bilberries0 l1
Blackberries0 l7
Raspberries0 l7
Sweet peppers750 ml3
Winter wheat55 - 750 ml28
Spring wheat55 - 750 ml28
Spring barley55 - 750 ml28
Winter barley55 - 750 ml28
Spring oats55 - 750 ml28
Winter oats55 - 750 ml28
Winter rye55 - 750 ml28
Spring rye55 - 750 ml28
Winter triticale55 - 750 ml28
Spring triticale55 - 750 ml28
Corn55 - 750 ml28
Sorghum55 - 750 ml28
Cowpea500 - 800 ml14
Cotton340 - 750 ml14
Melons0 l1
Watermelon0 l1
Zucchini0 l1
Apples0 l7
Grapes0 l
Celery0 l21
Lentils90 ml14
Alfalfa55 - 750 ml14
Mangoes0 l3
Pawpaw0 l7
Passionfruit0 l7
Pasture55 - 750 ml14
Clover55 - 750 ml14
Peanuts350 ml14
Potatoes750 ml14
Onions750 ml7
Carrots750 ml14
Red beet750 ml14
Parsnip750 ml14
Soybeans340 ml14
Peaches0 l
Plums0 l
Nectarines0 l
Cherries0 l
Sunflowers340 - 800 ml14
Tobacco0 l28
Tomatoes750 ml21
Melons0 l1
Zucchini750 ml1
Sweet peppers750 ml3
Asparagus750 ml7
Rhubarbs750 ml7
Sweet corn750 ml7
Artichokes750 ml14
Sweet potatoes750 ml14
Radishes750 ml14
Turnips750 ml14
Broccoli750 ml21
Cabbage750 ml21
Cauliflower750 ml21