TrifolamineRegistration expired
Crop Care Australasia - Herbicide

For the control of broadleaf weeds in seedling and established lucerne, medic and clover pastures, peanuts and cereal crops undersown with lucerne, medic or clover.

Before opening, carefully read Directions for Use, Precautionary Statements, Safety Directions and First Aid Instructions.

Mix with the required amount of water in the spray tank or mixing vessel. Apply using a low-volume boom spray fitted with fan jets, or by aircraft. Use mains or rain water for mixing. If not available, water with a hardness of less than 500 ppm (expressed as calcium carbonate equivalent) can be used but is not preferred. DO NOT tank mix Liase with Trifolamine in hard water for this may cause nozzle blockages.

Apply using boom or spot spray equipment. Application must be uniform. Nozzle type, output, speed and pressure should be adjusted to deliver a Coarse spray quality (ASAE S 527) in 110-220 litres per hectare by ground application and a minimum of 40 litres per hectare by aerial application.

This product can be tank mixed with Flowable Diuron and Diuron 900 DF for use in lucerne only. This mix can be very damaging to clovers. Trifolamine is compatible with Broadstrike but not for control of Paterson’s curse or doublegee - refer to Broadstrike label. The effectiveness of Dimethoate, Metasystox, Le Mat and Imidan may be reduced by alkaline hydrolysis if tank mixed with this product. For these situations the addition of Spraymate LI 700 is recommended which should be added to the tank first. The addition of Bonza Spray Adjuvant can improve control of weeds under some conditions, for example moisture stress but may also increase early effects on legumes. When tank mixing add the required amount of compatible product (and surfactant if recommended) when the spray tank is nearly full and while continuously agitating. If left overnight, agitate thoroughly before spraying.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Alfalfa, Lucerne0 - 01 - 3.2-
Clover0 - 01 - 3.27
Pasture0 - 01 - 3.27
Peanuts, groundnuts0 - 01.3 - 1.7-
Spring barley0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Spring oats0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Spring rye0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Spring triticale0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Spring wheat0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Winter barley0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Winter oats0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Winter rye0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Winter triticale0 - 02.1 - 3.2-
Winter wheat0 - 02.1 - 3.2-