Tyrant 500

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For the control of certain fungal diseases of bananas, peanuts, pineapples, stone fruit, sugarcane, turf, winter cereals and other crops.

TYRANT 500 may be applied by ground rig, high or low volume, or by air.
May be applied by boom spray or aircraft. Ensure complete coverage of all leaves and stems is obtained. The object of spraying is to keep leaves and stems green and functioning, especially the upper leaves throughout the grain filling stage. In wheat the flag leaf is a major contributor to grain yield whilst in barley the flag-1 leaf (leaf immediately below the flag) is a significant contributor to grain yield. With aircraft, as a guide, apply 10 - 20L/ha with the lower volume being used when applications are made with a cross wind of not less than 5 knots. Use the higher volume when applying to dense crops. With boom spray equipment, as a guide, apply in 50-100L of water per hectare. Use the higher volumes when applying to dense crops or heavy disease infection levels.
Apply by misting machine, air blast sprayer or aircraft. Use a minimum of 30L water if applying by air.

TYRANT 500 is compatible with a wide range of agricultural products. For further information contact your local Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd representative.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apricots0 l1
Bananas100 - 200 ml1
Pineapples0 l
Plums0 l1
Spring barley75 - 250 ml28
Winter barley75 - 250 ml28
Spring oats125 - 250 ml28
Winter oats125 - 250 ml28
Winter wheat75 - 250 ml28
Spring wheat75 - 250 ml28
Peanuts200 - 300 ml14
Sugarcane0 l
Mint250 ml35
Poppies250 ml28