Buckthorn aphid

Aphis nasturii

Distribution. This aphid is nearly globally distributed, located in all but the coldest terrestrial habitats.
Host associations. It has a broad host range, having been recorded from species of over 60 plant families.
Identification: The Aphis nasturtii aptera is rather bright pale green to yellowish green in life and is not wax-powdered. The abdominal dorsum is membranous without dark bands or sclerites. The antenna barely exceed half the body lenghth. The siphunculi are usually rather pale sclerotic becoming a little darker towards the apex. The legs are dusky or rather pale - the apices of the tibiae are slightly darker as can be seen in the micrograph ventral view below. The body length of buckthorn - potato aphid apterae is 1.1-2.4 mm. Aphis nasturtii alates have some variably developed dorsal bands, but are always more lightly marked than A. frangulae alates.

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