Green Cranberry spanworm

Itame sulphurea

Eggs are deposited singly in the leaf litter. They are white to light green, 0.7-0.8 mm long, and are elliptically shaped with a rough surface. The larvae are caterpillar-like, with two pairs of prolegs at the hind end of the body and none in the middle. They move by "inching" or "looping" forward by stretching their bodies out, grasping the substrate with their front legs, and pulling their hindquarters forward. They are a uniform pale yellow to a light green in the early instars but in the later instars develop a herringbone pattern on the top of the head and white lines running down the length of the body. There are five instars. They have a smooth integument with just a few weak scattered hairs. They reach 17-24 mm in length. The pupae are 10-15 mm long, and are initially pale yellow before turning brown towards adult emergence. The two sexes are different in appearance in the adult stage. The male moth is grayish-brown on the head and body with the front wings being gray with two to three dark spots. The antennae of the males are slightly feathery. The wingspan is 21-23 mm. The female has a brownish head with a yellowish abdomen. Female antennae are hair-like. The front wings are bright yellow with three brown markings and a wingspan of 18-22 mm.

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