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Brox M is a selective postemergence (Group 4 & 6) herbicide for the control of many broadleaf weed species found in wheat, barley, oats, rye, flax, corn, seedling grasses and established grasses. It is a contact herbicide that requires thorough coverage of the weed seedlings and should be applied when they are actively growing for optimum weed control.

As this product is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.
DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.

Timing: For best results, spray when weeds are in the seedling stage. Apply in good growing conditions. Application must be made before the crop shields the weeds. Do not apply more than once per season.

Sprayer: Wash the tank and clean all filters, screens and tips. Select nozzle tips to apply the recommended volume per hectare. Flood jet type tips are not recommended. Adjust boom height to ensure uniform coverage of the weeds. For ground applications, spray at 5 – 10 Kph. Ensure that all tips are in good condition and spraying the same volume.

Mixing: Half fill the tank with clean water. Add the required amount of BROX M and agitate thoroughly.
Fill the tank and agitate again before use.

Rainfall within 1 hour of application of BROX M with some tank mix partners may reduce effectiveness.
For tank mixes, consult the label(s) of the tank mix partner(s) and observe the longest (most restrictive) rainfast period of the products involved in the tank mix.
Field Sprayer Application: DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm. Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty. DO NOT apply with spray droplets smaller than the American Society of
Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) coarse classification. Boom height must be 60 cm or less above the crop or ground.

FOR AERIAL APPLICATION (wheat, barley and oats only):
Aerial Application: Do not apply during periods of dead calm. Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty. DO NOT apply when wind speed is greater than 16 km/h at flying height at the site of application. DO NOT apply with spray droplets smaller than the ASAE coarse classification. To reduce drift caused by turbulent wingtip vortices, the nozzle distribution along the spray boom length MUST NOT exceed 65% of the wing- or rotorspan.

Aerial Application Instructions
Apply only by fixed-wing or rotary aircraft equipment which has been functionally and operationally calibrated for the atmospheric conditions of the area and the application rates and conditions of this label.
Label rates, conditions and precautions are product specific. Read and understand the entire label before opening this product. Apply only at the rate recommended for aerial application on this label. Where no rate for aerial application appears for the specific use, this product cannot be applied by any type of aerial equipment.
Ensure uniform application. To avoid streaked, uneven or overlapped application, use appropriate marking devices.

Use Precautions
Apply only when meteorological conditions at the treatment site allow for complete and even crop coverage. Apply only under conditions of good practice specific to aerial application as outlined in the
National Aerial Pesticide Application Manual, developed by the Federal/ Provincial/Territorial Committee on Pest Management and Pesticides.
Do not apply to any body of water. Avoid drifting of spray onto any body of water or other non-target areas. Specified buffer zones should be observed.
Coarse sprays are less likely to drift, therefore, avoid combinations of pressure and nozzle type that will result in fine particles (mist). Do not apply during periods of dead calm or when wind velocity and direction pose a risk of spray drift. Do not spray when the wind is blowing towards a nearby sensitive crop, garden, terrestrial habitat (such as shelter-belt) or aquatic habitat.

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