Black bindweed

Fallopia convolvulus

Annual, winding weed with branching, deep-sinking roots. Before flowering, it is easily confused with field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis). The plant is 20-150 cm (7.87 - 59.05 inch) tall.
Triangular/arrow-shaped leaves with downward-pointing, teardrop-shaped tip; creeping growing habit.
Cotyledons: Long, narrow, the two halves unequal in size. Cotyledons bend downwards (field bindweed has heart-shaped, long-stemmed cotyledons).
Stems: Thin, single or ramified, twisting, 20-100 cm (7.87 - 39.37 inch) long or high.
Leaves: Cordate-sagittate, petiolate, juicy green, often reddish-tinged, pinnate-nerved, with ligule often incised.
Leaf tips retracted downwards.

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