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For weed control in Field Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat (Spring and Winter).


Focus Herbicide is a selective pre-plant/pre-emergence herbicide for controlling annual grasses and annual broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, winter wheat, field corn and soybeans. Focus Herbicide is formulated as a suspension emulsion containing a total of 500 grams of the active ingredients pyroxasulfone and carfentrazone-ethyl, per litre, intended for dilution in water for application.
Observe all instructions, mixing directions, precautions and other label information of Focus Herbicide.


General Application
Instructions Focus Herbicide may be applied as a pre-plant or pre-emergence surface application. See below for the proper rates of application.
All soil applications of Focus Herbicide require adequate rainfall for herbicidal activation. Dry weather following applications of Focus Herbicide may reduce effectiveness. Focus Herbicide may not control weeds that germinate after application but before an activating rainfall / irrigation, or weeds that germinate through cracks resulting from dry soil. However, when adequate moisture is received after dry conditions, Focus Herbicide may provide a reduced level of control of susceptible germinating weeds. When adequate moisture is not received after Focus Herbicide application, weed control may be improved by irrigation (DO NOT use flood irrigation).
Excessive rainfall, irrigation, or prolonged wet soil conditions after application of Focus Herbicide from seed germination through seedling emergence may increase the risk of seedling injury, especially with shallow seeded crops.
Before applying, verification of Focus Herbicide selectivity on your crop variety must be confirmed to avoid injury to sensitive varieties. Check with the local FMC representative for information on potential varietal sensitivity. If variety tolerance is unknown apply Focus Herbicide on a small area to confirm variety safety before use on large scale.

General Use Restrictions
DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.
DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm. DO NOT apply during periods of gusty winds.
DO NOT apply with spray droplets smaller than the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) medium classification. DO NOT raise boom height above 60 cm above the crop or ground.
DO NOT use on peat or muck soils and soils with 7% or more organic matter content.
DO NOT apply to soils classified as sand containing less than 1% organic matter.
DO NOT apply through any type of irrigation system.
DO NOT apply Focus Herbicide or Focus Herbicide tank mixtures when environmental conditions may result in drift to non- target sites. Drift of this product may be harmful to non-target plants near the treatment area.

Mixing and Spraying Instructions
Focus Herbicide is a suspension emulsion intended for dilution with water. Use a minimum spray volume of 100 litres of solution per hectare and a spray pressure of 200-275 kPa.
Keep bypass line on or near bottom of tank to minimize foaming.
Focus Herbicide can be mixed with one or more herbicide products, provided that the tank mix product labels do not prohibit such mixing. Follow the most restrictive label for all products used. Refer to the Crop-Specific Information section to determine which tank mix products can be applied to specific crops. Physical incompatibility, reduced weed control, or crop injury may result from mixing Focus Herbicide with other pesticides, additives, or fertilizers.

Spray Tank Preparation
It is important that spray equipment is clean and free of existing pesticide deposits before using this product. Follow the spray tank clean out procedures specified on the label of product previously applied before adding Focus Herbicide to the tank.

Mixing and Loading Instructions
For best results, fill spray tank with one half of the volume of clean water needed for the area to be treated. Start the agitation system. Slowly add the Focus Herbicide to the spray tank. Complete filling the spray tank to the desired level. Continuous spray tank agitation is required at all times to maintain a uniform spray solution. Make sure Focus Herbicide is thoroughly mixed before application.
Use the Focus Herbicide mixture immediately after mixing.
Use W-A-L-E-S tank-mix order
First, fill sprayer tank with water 1/3 to 1/2 full, add any fertilizer and pH adjuster, then add
Wettable powders and water dispersible granules slowly, then
Agitate tank mix thoroughly, then add
Liquid flowables and suspensions, then add
Emulsifiable concentrate formulations, and finally add
Solution based products /Surfactants
Maintain constant agitation during application.
Do not store the sprayer overnight or for any extended period of time with the spray mixture remaining in the tank.

Sprayer Equipment Clean-Out
After spraying Focus Herbicide and before using sprayer equipment for any other applications, the sprayer must be thoroughly cleaned using the following procedure:
1. Drain sprayer tank, hoses, and spray boom. Use a high-pressure detergent wash to remove physical sediment and residues from the inside of the sprayer tank and thoroughly rinse. Then thoroughly flush all sprayer hoses, booms, and nozzles with clean water.
2. Prepare a sprayer cleaning solution by adding three litres of ammonia (containing at least 3% active) per 100 litres of clean water. Prepare sufficient cleaning solution to allow the operation of the spray system for a minimum of 15 minutes to thoroughly flush hoses, spray boom and spray nozzles.
3. Convenient and thorough cleaning of the sprayer can be achieved if the ammonia solution or fresh water is left in the spray tank, hoses, spray booms and spray nozzles overnight or during storage.
4. Drain the sprayer system. Rinse the tank with clean water and flush through the hoses, boom, and nozzles. Remove and clean spray tips and all strainers and screens separately in an ammonia solution.
5. Properly dispose of all cleaning solution and rinsate in accordance with provincial guidelines and regulations. 
Do not drain or flush equipment on or near desirable trees or plants.
Do not contaminate any body of water including irrigation water that may be used on other plants or crops.

Crop Specific Use Rates and Information:
Soil Texture
Unless a specific soil texture is mentioned, rate tables throughout this label refer to the table below for soil texture groups: coarse, medium, medium-fine and fine. This includes a complete listing of soil textures included in each of the soil texture groupings.

Set-Up Treatment
A set-up treatment is an application to remove early weed competition to allow good crop establishment. An in-crop application of herbicide may be required subsequently to control emerged weeds.

Spring and winter wheat (excluding durum)
Focus Herbicide can be applied pre-plant or pre-emergence for weed control in both spring and winter wheat. Focus Herbicide may result in wheat injury, but final grain yield should not be negatively impacted. Before applying to wheat, verification of Focus Herbicide selectivity on wheat varieties must be confirmed with your local seed company or supplier to avoid potential injury to sensitive varieties. Focus Herbicide should be applied to a uniform seedbed which is firm and free of clods. Crop seeds must be planted a minimum of 2.5 cm deep.

Crop Specific Restrictions and Limitations
DO NOT apply to durum wheat.
DO NOT make more than one application per season.
DO NOT allow livestock to graze or feed on wheat grain, forage, hay or straw less than 42 days after the application.

Field corn
Focus Herbicide can be used as a pre-plant surface, or pre-emergence treatment. Before applying to corn, verification of Focus Herbicide selectivity on your inbred line or hybrid line must be confirmed with your local seed company or supplier to avoid potential injury to sensitive inbreeds or hybrids. Crop seeds must be planted a minimum of 2.5 cm deep.

Crop Specific Restrictions and Limitations
DO NOT make more than one application per season.
A shallow incorporation may be used but even distribution of the product must be maintained or weed control may be reduced.

Focus Herbicide can be applied pre-plant or pre-emergence. Before applying to soybean, verification of Focus Herbicide selectivity on soybean varieties must be confirmed with your local seed company or supplier to avoid potential injury to sensitive varieties Crop seeds must be planted a minimum of 4 cm deep. DO NOT apply Focus Herbicide if soybeans have emerged.
The use of Focus Herbicide may result in temporary growth suppression if extreme conditions of high rainfall and extended periods of water-saturated soil occur during soybean germination or early seedling development. These suppressions have not resulted in reduced soybean yield potential.

Crop Specific Restrictions and Limitations
DO NOT make more than one application per season.

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